H O M E G R O W N   H O M I E S

Co-Director and Producer of “Watchful Eyes”

Dr. Ingrid Mattson was told that dogs are haram (forbidden) when she first converted to Islam.  When she became a scholar and the first female president of ISNA, one of the largest Muslim organizations in the world, she decided to get a dog named Ziggy to protect her family.

30   D A Y S     R A M A D A N 

Director and Producer of two documentary shorts for the 30 Days Ramadan project:


Mohammad Boota walks the streets of NYC waking Muslims up for the morning prayer with a dhol drum during Ramadan - a rich tradition he inherited from his family in Pakistan. He came to America in 1992 and spent 9 years saving enough money to bring the rest of his family over.

This is this story of holding onto traditions in a new place, and a son inheriting his father's legacy. 

Malcolm X founded the mosque Masjid Abdul Muhsi Khalifah in Brooklyn. Once a thriving Muslim community, as decades passed, the youth's involvement in the mosque slowly began to fade.

But now, a new generation of young Muslims have stepped up to get involved, reclaim and remember the spirit that Malcolm built.